Demons vs Wizards

Easy card dueller for all ages!

Two players on same device!

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Demons versus Wizards

A long time ago, when dragons were still flying above the castles… When true knights were often fighting for damsels in distress… When magic was not just a word from some old and dusty fantasy book…

Back at that time the game called Demons vs. Wizards was popular in many taverns scattered across realms, which are long forgotten nowadays. As magic and sword duels were forbidden in most of the inns and taverns, this magic card duel game was the only way to settle the scores with an annoying young wizard, some bully stranger or even a travelling demon.

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Six different characters with each pre-build unique deck to chose from

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Game Features


Simple to master
easy to play

Start playing without even reading the rules! The game is suitable for all ages. Each duel lasts for 5-10 minutes, but there’s no doubt you will want more

2 Players

2 players on the same Screen

No hiding your cards or screen from the opponent! No passing the device and waiting for your turn. Multiple devices are not needed


Beautiful Retina

Highly detailed crafted cards make you feel as if you hold the real printed magic cards. The cards are equally beautiful on all iPads and astonishingly sharp on the new retina display.

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