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Kids & Words


Kids and Words - is a simple words learning card game for children of all ages. The main goal is to make any audience starting from small children up to grownups learn the basic set of native or better yet, foreign words, while playing a fun card game.

An easy card game that will help everyone learn basic words of the language they want. And, what is most important, do it IN a language they want.

Demons V.S. Wizards


Dwarves and Treasures is a turn based game for 1-4 player Dwarves have always been desperate for treasure, and they always smell it no matter how good it is hidden. But this time the treasure they have found does not belong to them. A cruel and powerful warlock Actulus has noticed that his treasure chamber seals has been broken and has send all of his guards and other dark creatures to stop the trespassers and return the stolen treasures. Unimaginable tortures await the captured heroes! Run for your life but don’t lose the precious coins you stole!

30 to Mars (Board Game)


30 to Mars™ the Board Game is a 60 min 1-4 player cooperative space survival game. 4 Marsonauts must work as a team to survive the journey to Mars. You either win together or lose together.

The game can be played with any number of players, from 1 to 4. The Mars30 mission has a crew of 4 Marsonauts, so fewer players simply play several crew members at once.

When Gaming is the Key!

K-Gaming is a game development studio established in Tallinn, Estonia back in 2011. The company consists of creative professionals from two leading and well-known Estonian companies - Design.ee and Wisercat Software. Companies that have earned worldwide recognition in their respected areas - professional design and software development. With both teams sporting over 10 years of working experience under their belts, it comes as no surprise that game development is like second nature to us.

K-Gaming is a game development studio established in Tallinn, Estonia back in 2011.


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